Ask about our wood washing service in Nacogdoches & Lufkin, TX

Is your deck looking a little dingy? If so, you may not want to host parties or enjoy outdoor dinners on it. Thankfully, Windham Pressure Washing offers a simple solution. When you work with us, you can get wood washing services in Nacogdoches or Lufkin, TX.

We use a sodium percarbonate solution to clean your deck. You can also trust us to stain and seal it so it looks amazing year after year. Get in touch with us to learn more about our wood staining service.

Why do we use sodium percarbonate?

You may be wondering what sodium percarbonate is and why we use it in our wood washing services. Well, this is a bleaching agent that:

  • Cleans - Sodium percarbonate can remove dirt, mildew and gray weathering residue to make your fence or deck look like new.
  • Protects - Sodium percarbonate can actually protect your wood and prolong its life.
Don't wait to restore your wood elements. Schedule an appointment for our wood cleaning and wood staining services now.